FNSW Memo – Skins

Below is a memo from Football NSW about the use of Skins in the NSW Premier League and Super Leagues.

To : All Futsal Premier and Super League Clubs
From : Damian Briggs/Bill Kostandas
Date : 21/09/2011
Subject : Skins (undershorts)

Dear Futsal Club Contact,

Football NSW have made the following ruling regarding the wearing of skins for the upcoming Futsal Season.

Players will be permitted to play in any of the following

  1. Black Skins worn under the playing shorts
  2. White Skins worn under the playing shorts
  3. Same colour Skins as playing shorts

Football NSW has informed the referee’s association regarding the decision. If you have any issues please contact Bill Kostandas or myself.


Damian Briggs,
Futsal Manager

The official PDF version of the memo can be found here, or on our FNSW Memos page.