Round 5 Star Players vs Campbelltown City Quake

Female Player of the Week : Rose Scarlato

A player which personifies the club to a tee. Hard working, loyal and a never say die attitude. Rosie was at her hard hitting best of the weekend making some crucial tackles none more so than the slide tackle stopping the ball from crossing the line with an open goal just millimetres away.

Goal Keeper of the Week : Marcello Bortone, Roberto Maiorana, Amanda Horafios

An award that just couldn’t be split this week. Without all 3 keepers their respective teams simply would not have won! All 3 keepers were exception making some breathtaking saves and proving why they are near the best in their respective age groups.

Male Player of the Week : Anthony Poniris

This week it could’ve quite easily gone to Ediz after his performance in the Mens game but Anth gets the gong his week. Poniris has made a great start to the season getting big minutes in the Youth and the Mens and his special 2 goal haul on the weekend to peg back and beat Quake was special.

Team of the Week : Youth/Womens/Mens

For anyone that was present for all 3 games they would have to agree that each of the 3 games were as frantic, dramatic and exciting as each other. The second award this week which couldn’t be split the club couldn’t be any more prouder of their 3 senior teams with not only the results but the way the teams played.