Antonis family in the news

Article from the Daily Telegraph 18/1/2012 mentioning George and Dimity from our current junior teams, and Terry a former Magic player

Spare a thought for Anna Antonis. At 18 her son Terry can now drive himself to Sydney FC training, so after years of ferrying one of the country’s brightest prospects around endless matches and training, Anna and husband Peter might have hoped for a bit of spare time.

Except it turns out that their other two children are rather good at soccer too. So good, that nine-year-old George is part of the Football NSW Skills Acquisition Program for the most talented juniors in the state, playing up an age group too, while 12-year-old Dimity was last week in Canberra for the National Futsal Championships.

So it was that Anna was in Canberra, still the uncomplainingly cab driver supporting her children’s dreams, making sure their homework doesn’t get neglected and washing kit on rotation.

And no, she’s still not sure what she fed them as babies to produce such a freakishly gifted crop.

It started when Terry was 10, already creating a stir for his talent, “and George basically was kicking a ball with him and Dimity in the backyard as soon as he could walk,” says Anna.

“We all love our soccer, and we’re quite a sporty family, Peter played and I was into athletics, so I guess it just came naturally.”

Clearly Terry’s level temperament is inherited from his parents, for those who deal with them regularly are uniform in their praise of the environment that has been created and the sacrifices made along the way.

Not surprisingly, in the face of two brothers, Dimity “is the toughest one out of all of us, she has to be with two brothers and she can wrestle my little brother,” says Terry. “She’s a midfielder too, there aren’t many defenders in my family.

“George basically plays as a striker, attacking midfield or a winger. He’s not a defensive player, that’s for sure. He could be a really good player, a freak. But we’ll have to see how he develops, how it all goes. He can be a little bit of a smartarse, but he wants to be better than me.”