Former Magic player Servet Uzunlar in the USA

Former Magic player and Matilda Servet Uzunlar

Former Magic player and Matilda Servet Uzunlar

Following her signing for USA W-League side Pali Blues, Servet Uzunlar is settling into life in California and enjoying the peculiar perks of an Aussie Abroad.

Girls FC caught up with Servet and asked her a few questions before the season starts this weekend with Pali Blues taking on Los Angles.

How are you settling in now you’ve finally arrived in the Golden State?
I’m settling in pretty easily actually. California is so beautiful and the weather is only getting hotter, which feels a bit like summer at home in Cronulla.

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve seen so far?
Most interesting? Well there’s been a couple. Last week playing a scratch match with Will Ferrell and Gerald Butler at Robbie Williams’ personal backyard 5-a-side pitch was pretty fun. Also the characters you see on Venice boardwalk are pretty cool, oh, and drive-thru ATMs.

How are your new teammates?
Teammates are great and really friendly. They’ve welcomed me into the squad and I can’t wait to get out onto the pitch with the team.

Are you looking forward to your first match?
The season starts this weekend but I’m coming back from a medial strain, so I probably won’t play until next week’s match against Santa Clarita.

Tell us about your new coach?
My coaches name is Charlie Naimo. He is a nice guy and likes to play a passing game.

Best thing about being in the US?
The best thing about the US, in particular LA, is meeting/seeing the stars and places where they have filmed big movies.

What do you miss most about Australia?
I miss my family and friends of course, my car and my bed. And my mum’s cooking!

Originally published on the Football Australia website 11/5/2012