Magic Player Profile – Michael Bugden

Name: Michael Bugden

Team: Pre-academy

Number: 71

Favoured Position: Right Flank, Target

Years playing for Magic: this is my second year

Funniest Player in your team: Rhys

Favourite Inner West Player: Lorena Bugden

Who has been your biggest influence playing futsal: Matteo, my Mum and Sister Lorena

Most embarrassing moment on a futsal court: miss an open goal with an air swing

Nickname and how did you get it: Mike, they just call me that.

Favourite Food: Chicken Schnitzel

Favourite movie: Transformers

If you could go on a date with a celebrity who would it be and why: I don’t know.

Your sister is in the club. Who is better and why: Yes my sister Lorena – my sister is better she is older and has been playing for longer and she is very good.

Why did you choose Magic this season: Magic is the Best – best club there is.