The prodigal son returns

Andres Gomez was a bleary eyed 18 year old when he donned his first Magic jersey and ran onto the Marrickville Indoor Sports centre to represent Sydney Magic.

Little did he know how far his career would go in only a few years.

Having played for Sydney Magic for 4 years, Andres was always a player with incredible technical ability and as recognition came he began to transform.

Seeing his natural ability morph with his newly found futsal nous, Andres become one of the most exciting players in the competition.

In 2007/08 Andres was part of the Magic Mens team that won the double and was named the Johnny Warren Player of the year for that season.

Andres Gomez – 2007/08 Johnny Warren Player of the Year

The calls were beginning to come thick and fast for Andres’ call up to the National team but due to him not being a citizen those calls ultimately fell on deaf ears.

That was until early this year when Andres was part of the successful Futsalroo side which qualified for the FIFA world cup in Thailand later in the year.

After spending two seasons away Andres returns to his roots and ultimately where his career started to once again hopefully lead Magic to the promised land.

The club welcomes back this seasons #10.

Welcome back “Futsalroo” Andres Gomez.

Futsalroo Andres Gomez