About Inner West Magic

In 2003 Magic was formed to take part in the Futsal NSW Premier league.

In 2004 Football NSW over took Futsal NSW and merged with ISA to form the current Football NSW Premier league.

In 2005 Magic won its first and the first ever  Club Champion trophy in what was to be a record breaking streak which lasted 4 consecutive years winning the prestigious Club Championship award from 2005/06 – 2008/09

Unfortunately due to unforseen circumstances Magic was unable to compete in season 09/10 and but joined forces and played under the Inner West Allstars Banner for that season. In which we also won the Club Championship trophy.

Since then Sydney Magic rebranded itself and was known as Inner West Magic.

With the same players, coaching staff and infrastructure the club went on another Club Championship streak and has won the Club Championship trophy 4 More times since and in consecutive years from 2011/12 through to 2014/15

The club proudly wears predominately orange kits as their home jersey while a mixture of white and black is used as away kits.


Our Vision Statement

The club is equally focused on both Mens and Womens Futsal with winning and success equally as important as development.

We are an elite club built for success.

In the past few years the club has succeeded in building Pre-Academy teams who play in development leagues that play for no points.

We are hoping to expand that to include teams starting from u/6s

Our vision is to be the most successful and most recognised Futsal club in Australia. We intend to market our brand to the wider community and engage all demographics and cultures within those communities and to expose them to the sport of Futsal.

Inner West Magic holds a high ambition to become a futsal brand focusing even more importantly on the development of the sport in this country.

The club wants to provide pathways via our Academies in which our representative players will train and coach young players in Futsal basics.

Academies will be available to anyone wanting to learn about Futsal and will focus on, but not be limited to the following areas: Attacking Principles, Defensive Principles, Set Pieces, Systems of Play and Goalkeeping all in line with the FFA National Curriculum.

The main purpose of these Academies is to enrich young players in society to the great sport of futsal and all the benefits that the sport brings.

Ultimately we want to train these young players and give them a pathway to be able to play for our Premier club and ultimately wear a Magic Jersey when age permits.

The next step following these academies is via our Premier League club which competes at the highest possible stage within NSW.

Our club pathway is now complete with our very own National League club which competes on a National stage allowing players a pathways directly from grassroots to national competition.

Our vision via the grassroots program is to increase the current Futsal participation rate within NSW whilst supporting the current state and national pathways directed by Football NSW and the FFA.



Mission Statement

The clubs Mission Statement has always been the same since its inception 13 years ago. Provide a safe and enjoyable environment for players, to play within a system but allow the players a freedom to express themselves and be different.

Being different is what makes us stand out from the rest!

Shoot and you will score, pass and you will win, listen and you will learn is a mantra the club has always lived by.

Club History

Sydney Magic is the most successful club in the Football NSW Premier League history having won the prestigious Club Championship trophy 9 times so far, and 4 times consecutively on two different occasions.

Also in the clubs trophy cabinet is the inaugural 5 Star Pre-season trophy and the 2015 FAFL National Title.

The club has won numerous Premierships and Championships including two consecutive Mens Championships in seasons 07 and 08.

Magic set the benchmark as the leading club within the sport at the time with its revolutionary website, match highlights, club presentation nights and club newsletters and as well as hosting some of the competitions best match day promotions including the highly successful Clash of the Titans.

The club was proud to be able to bring legends of the Australian game to not only our club but to the sport as a whole with the great Johnny Warren being named the clubs first patron.

Since Johnnys death Mr Les Murray and Mr Craig Foster have taken on that role and have been active within our clubs presentation evenings and social events.

The club is proud to have such a wonderful production line of talented players many of which have gone onto become household names in football in this country whilst many are currently plying their trade overseas.  Names such as :

  • Terry Antonis – Sydney F.C and the Socceroos
  • Vedran Janjetovic – Sydney FC
  • Brendan Hamill – West Sydney Wanderers and Young Socceroos
  • Kearyn Baccas – West Sydney Wanderers and Young Socceroos
  • Tommy Rogic – Celtic, Scotland and Socceroos
  • Reece Caira – Aston Villa, England
  • Panos Armenakas – Udinese, Italy
  • Gian Mendez – Valencia

And most recently making their debuts in the A league :

  • Alusine Fofanah – West Sydney Wanderers
  • Daniel Alessi – West Sydney Wanderers
  • Dylan Caton – Sydney FC
  • Liam Rose – Central Coast Mariners

Many of the top female players have donned the Magic jerseys throughout their careers.

  • Servet Uzunlar – Sydney F.C and Matildas
  • Teresa Polias– Sydney F.C and Matildas
  • Chloe Logarzo – Sydney F.C and Matildas
  • Jenna Kingsley – West Sydney Wanderers and Young Matildas
  • Helen Petinos – West Sydney Wanderers
  • Caitlyn Jarvie – West Sydney Wanderers
  • Dimi Poulos – Sydney FC

Whilst this season Rhianna Pollicina, Lorena Bugden and Victoria Alves also made their W League debuts for the West Sydney Wanderers

The club is also proud to acknowledge Adrian Vizzari, Adam Cooper, Ediz Alpkaya whom have represented both the Futsalroos and Magic.

Current team members Andres Gomez, Isaac Wadick and Marino Musumeci are also Internationals who have represented Australia in the past few years whilst Daniel Fogarty, Roberto Maiorana, Angelo Konstantionou, Chris Zeballos, Dean Lockhart, Jarrod Basger and Jordan Mundell are the clubs current National team representatives.

The club is also proud to acknowledge Andrew Nolan and Andrew Paine are two internationals who have represented both the Futsalroos and Magic whilst current #1 goalkeeper Peter Spathis was both the Mens team and Club Captain for each of the four original Club Championship winning seasons.

Magic set themselves lofty goals and successfully reached those.

Our clubs main aim was and still is to give an opportunity to players to enjoy their futsal at a family orientated club where both males and females get equal opportunities and respect.

Somewhere to play where winning is important but having fun and expressing themselves is of the same importance.

Club results come first not individual teams.

The clubs mantra of “Shoot and you will score, pass and you will win and listen you win learn” will forever be a part of Magic folklore.

Club Awards

Johnny Warren Magic Player of the Year
  • 2004/05 Billy Dimitropolous
  • 2005/06 Terry Antonis
  • 2006/07 Natalie Spirovski
  • 2007/08 Andres Gomez
  • 2008/09 Natasha Lo Giudice
  • 2009/10 Bruno Pivato
  • 2011/12 Rhianna Pollicina
  • 2012/13 Princess Ibini Isei
  • 2013/14 Tori Tumeth
  • 2014/15 George Antonis
Sydney Magic Goalkeeper of the Year
  • 2005/06 Amanda Horafios / Roberto Maiorana
  • 2006/07 Peter Spathis
  • 2007/08 Roberto Maiorana
  • 2008/09 Peter Spathis
  • 2009/10 Charlene Borg
  • 2011/12 Dominic Badolato
  • 2012/13 Roberto Maiorana
  • 2013/14 Jess Urquhart
  • 2014/15 Gill Raymond
Golden Boot Award
  • 2004/05 Terry Antonis (39 Goals)
  • 2005/06 David Talevski (33 Goals)
  • 2006/07 Natalie Spirovski (37 Goals)
  • 2007/08 Jake Mason (23 Goals)
  • 2008/09 Natasha Lo Giudice (27 Goals)
  • 2009/10 Panos Armenakas (28 Goals)
  • 2010/11 Nathan Muskitta (27 Goals)
  • 2011/12 Princess Ibini Isei (30 Goals)
  • 2012/13 Princess Ibini Isei (27 Goals)
  • 2013/14 Maddy Kowalenko (19 Goals)
  • 2014/15 George Antonis (30 Goals)
Sydney Magic Clubman of the Year
  • 2004/05 Craig Atkinson
  • 2005/06 Ross Maiorana
  • 2006/07 Regan MacDonald
  • 2007/08 Carmine Bortone
  • 2008/09 James Brackenrig
  • 2009/10 James Brackenrig
  • 2011/12 Stephen and Lucy Rainey
  • 2012/13 Jodi Pollicina
  • 2013/14 Mark Willis
  • 2014/15 Filiz Urkanci